Handbag Heaven From Ilex London

Ilex London Handbag Heaven

I love handbags. They can complete any outfit aswell as carrying all the essentials us girls need! So when I was introduced to Ilex London, I was in handbag heaven. Beautiful, leather handbags with such attention to detail.

Let me introduce you to my new friend… Her name is Victoria and she offers style, space and fits with pretty much any outfit. Work or play, Victoria is happy to come along with me and I am happy to carry her. Isn’t she pretty?

Ilex 2

Ilex London Victoria Handbag Heaven

This gorgeous Ilex tote is so versatile and easy to style. Workwear or weekend fun with friends, I have found it so easy to match Victoria up with anything. I’ve also had lots of compliments, which is nice. I always think it is very flattering when someone comments on my handbag.

So how does one style such a gorgeous piece of hand luggage?


Topshop trousers
RI Shirt
hm sandals

Whether it’s super smart or relaxed, the Victoria handbag suits. Not only does it look good but there’s ample space for files, tablets and a makeup bag for lunchtime touch ups.


oasis denim
zara shoes
warehouse black top
RI bomber

A relaxed but stylish afternoon spent with girlfriends sipping cocktails deserves nothing less than a splash of colour, comfortable shoes and an eye catching handbag…

These looks only touch on how great this handbag is. I love it and I have already become quite precious about it. I think Ilex London offers a high quality, stylish product at a great price. Having a handbag that will transition easily from work to after hours dinner and drinks is great. Not only that, but I can easily carry a makeup bag, hairbrush and the many snacks I now require since falling pregnant! I have a feeling that this beautiful, luxury bag will be attached to my arm for a long time coming.

If you haven’t heard of Ilex or you are on the look out for a new handbag or purse, head over to their website. I dare you not to be impressed and in complete awe of the gorgeousness that will be presented to you.

I’d like to thank Julia Sugden at Julia Sugden PR and Ilex London for introducing me to this luxury brand and to kindly providing me with my very own Victoria.

Until next time…

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