My discovery and experience of the rise of the bitch… Just recently I had a run in with some females that I considered my ‘friends’. The underlying cause of their weird behaviour, growing silence and ultimate bitching session came down to my newly found friendship with a female outside the… View Post

I’m finally back after over a week of no internet access! It was on the brink of being a total disaster but I made it through… It never ceases to amaze me how much we count on things like phones, internet and social media. Anyway, I digress… I thought I… View Post

Clean 9, day 3… I finished my post yesterday saying I was planning on getting an early night… Well I did but sleep did not come easy. I had a lot on my mind and the storm weather here kept me awake plus I was quite hungry. However, I woke up… View Post

I managed my last lot of aloe last night no problem and went to bed quite early. I had a very good sleep! So good infact, that I woke in the same position I fell asleep in. I was up at 6am to take my husband to the train station… View Post