No, I haven’t gone back to 1996 and started listening to Staind – it has really been a while. 5 months to be exact. I’d love to give you a totally out there excuse for being MIA for the last while. The truth is, I’ve just been living life and… View Post

London has ‘apples and pears’ and ‘china plates’, Glasgow has ‘gonnae no dae that’ and ‘pure dead brilliant’. We all love the Glasgow Banter. Iconic, well known and famed by Rab C and Jack and Victor, it has been given a new lease of life by female photographer, Lesley Williamson.… View Post

Daisy Blue Candles… Candles are something that I love and my home is never without them. They are great for cosy nights in and the smell radiates through the house making it feel like a luxury spa. No bubble bath is complete without a gorgeous smelling, flickering candle. I was… View Post