Pregnancy Update – 37 Weeks

As I write this I am 37 weeks pregnant. 37 weeks, 4 days to be precise but who’s counting?! That means I have around 19 days until my due date, 3rd November. Where has the time gone? Where has this pregnancy gone?

I thought since I have reached what is considered term, I should write an update on how things are going and maybe share some experiences and tips…

I’ve now finished work and hopefully have some time before the little diva arrives to catch up on some rest. The nesting has started as I spent my first day of maternity leave washing baby clothes and cleaning. I have developed a slight obsession with keeping the place tidy. I guess it must come from the feeling that it could happen at any time!

So, how has my pregnancy been and what advice would I give? Let me begin…


Most people will tell you that the first trimester is the hardest part of pregnancy. I struggled for the first 13 weeks. Typical daily feelings were made up of headaches, overwhelming nausea and questioning if I had been to bed or if I had actually spent the night getting beat up in a boxing ring.

Despite these feelings, I still felt excited and seeing my little bundle on the screen at the first ultrasound scan was unbelievable.


My husband and I decided quite early on in the pregnancy that we wanted to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. Why? Well, as much as we know that it can be wrong, we wanted to be prepared and not be restricted when it came to buying clothes etc.

Sure, many people threw in their 10 cents and told us it ruins the surprise blah blah… I disagree. Despite the fact I know I’m having a girl, I have no idea how she will look, what kind of character she’ll be… That will be amazing!

37 weeks pregnancy update


I’ll be honest. There are many things that I wish I had known or found out much earlier in my pregnancy. Firstly, I’m amazed at how long it took me to realise that my body is working overtime and it’s ok to have days of not feeling like doing much other than laying around.

With that in mind, I have learnt so much about myself and my body throughout the last 9 months. I worried hugely about stretch marks and weight gain. Sorry but these things, unless you are very, very lucky, are inevitable.

For the first few months I thought I was getting away with developing my very own set of tiger stripes. They really didn’t start appearing until the third trimester when the little diva took a massive stretch, literally overnight. No amount of bio oil will stop them!

Throughout my pregnancy I have taken extra care of my skin as well as allowing myself a regular treat in the form of reflexology. I started going to see Rachael at Atlas Therapies when I was having real issues with pelvic pain, which led to sleepless nights and major discomfort. Now that I am so far on in my pregnancy, I am seeing Rachael weekly and I cannot recommend her magic hands enough!

As the weeks have progressed and my visits to Rachael have continued, I have been sleeping better and have learned the importance of relaxation. She not only knows exactly how to guide me into a euphoric state of relaxation, she has also given me some amazing advice and tips that will take me through labour and beyond.

So if I could offer any advice, it would be to take some time for yourself while you can and take care of yourself. Oh and if you want chocolate, have it!


As pregnancy progresses, the bump gets bigger. When the bump gets bigger, visibility of anything below the waist is non existent. This makes grooming a bit of a struggle. When I say a bit of a struggle, I mean it’s like an Olympic sport! When you are told to keep up some light exercise throughout pregnancy, I am of the opinion that this activity counts as a weeks worth.

It’s not really talked about anywhere. Yet when it is, it is clearly something lots of pregnant women do worry about. As someone who likes to tend to her own garden (sorry!) it has proven very difficult. It can be done though, trust me. I won’t go into detail here…

Stairs. The worst enemy of heavily pregnant women everywhere. By the time I get to the top, I look and sound like I’m having some sort of asthma attack. The speed of my movements these last few weeks could probably be accurately described as glacial.

Oh the heartburn. Apparently at this stage I should be getting some relief from that. Nope. I can eat super healthy or have a day of eating nothing but junk and the result is the same; it feels like my throat might melt. Thank goodness for glasses of cool milk and rennies.

37 weeks pregnancy update


I have pointed out a few downsides to pregnancy in this post but I can honestly say I’m so excited to meet my little girl. I am so lucky to have amazing support from my husband and my mega excited Mum as well as a great network of family and friends.

It hasn’t all been hard work and no laughs. I have experienced some amazing things in the last 9 months and it never ceases to amaze me what my body is capable of. Feeling my baby kick and dance around in my belly is a feeling I can’t describe. One that I think I’ll miss.

I think we are pretty much set for her arrival. My hospital bag is packed, my Mum and I have sussed out the bottle prep machine and I have washed almost everything baby related.

All that’s left is for her to be served her eviction notice and make an appearance.

Until next time…




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