How I Spend Rainy Days

I live in Scotland where rainy days are commonplace. A place where rain in July is perfectly normal, and an umbrella is part of my handbag contents for 12 months of the year. When I’m not working, I like to try and spend rainy days at home and only venture out when walking my dog. Especially when the rain is literally battering my windows and the wind is hollowing around my little house.

So, here’s my 5 pieces of advice for surviving a rainy day en casa…


Number one on the list is magazines. If you follow me, you’ll know I love to read magazines. Each month I accumulate a big pile and I love a rainy day to get caught up with all things fashion, beauty and gossip related. It’s also a fantastic way to gain some inspiration for my future blog posts. That leads me smoothly on to number 2…


Rainy Day Guide lipstick and loathing

If you’re anything like me, you need to be organised and keep note of future key dates. If I’m spending some time at home, I use it as an excuse to get my diary up to date and reply to emails etc… Although a great excuse to relax and maybe be a teeny bit lazy, you’ll feel much better if you use the time productively.


After the magazines are done and your diary is fully updated, there’s really nothing left for it; you need to head on over to Netflix and spend what’s left of the day indulging in a box set. If you haven’t watched Making a Murderer (where have you been?) then get on it, but be prepared to be looking at the clock in shock as you discover you’ve been sitting in that same position since you finished dinner and you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve watched that 3,2,1 until next episode…


If you aren’t interested in TV and, like me, you love fashion and outfit design but you’re essentially sh*t at drawing, get yourself signed up to Polyvore. With an endless selection of clothing and interiors to choose from, you’ll have created your dream wardrobe and home faster than you can say Laurence Llewelyn Bowen! But again, be prepared to watch hours disappear.

Rainy DAy Guide Polyvore Lipstick and Loathing


A rainy day must have is a right good cup of tea. When it’s cold, windy and all you want to do is keep cosy, tea is the best comforter. I am, what can only be described as, a tea jenny. I have tried to cut down on the amount I drink, but it just won’t stop raining!

Elle UK fashion style lipstick and loathing

So there you have it. A short but sweet post on my rainy day survival list. Something I have a feeling I’ll be using for many days to come. Roll on spring and summer…

Until next time…



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