Elle Magazine and the Superwoman

Most readers will know that I am a self confessed magazine addict and get lots of blog inspiration from them as well as other blogs. I am lucky enough to receive a monthly subscription to Elle magazine. Elle is one of, if not my absolute favourite, magazine. Why? Well, it’s not just full of pictures. There’s inspirational editorial and fantastic hints and tips.

Since I love the magazine so much, I’ve decided that each month, I’ll write a post which has been wholly inspired by the very talented Elle writers. The January 2016 edition is jam packed with excellent stories, fashion tips and new beauty releases and trends. But, in true Elle style, there’s lots of coverage of things that, as women, we deal with or face.

Elle January 2016 Lipstick and Loathing

Having read Lotte Jeffs’article entitled ‘Superwoman Syndrome’ I really related to it. Basically, the article covers how the modern woman is becoming increasingly obsessed with overachieving. More and more, I am reading articles and blogs about how women are getting up at crazy o’clock so that they can get ahead by completing a few hours work before the rest of the world awakes from slumber. More are working from home or on a self employed basis and trying to ‘make it’ in this ever increasingly judgemental society we live in.

So why? What has caused women to feel this way? And does it result in happiness or simply the need for more?

When you log into your Instagram, how many diet and fitness pages do you follow? Do you take inspiration from the images you see? I follow quite a few of these kind of pages, promising myself that I too will be more healthy and start getting up earlier to do 30 minutes exercise. Personally, I think we should stop comparing ourselves to others and accept that we are all individuals. Why wait to take that big step for fear of what other people will think? F**k them and their over opinionated selves.

Elle January 2016 Lipstick and Loathing

I recently quit my job to move on to something else. It was affecting my health and won’t be something that will go away in a hurry. I’ve decided to lay a plan out for myself and do what I want to do, whatever makes me happy. When I went into my workplace to hand in my uniform and clear out my locker, I was asked why I had decided to leave. Others well full of praise and said it had taken ‘balls’ to leave. Not really. I just didn’t allow myself to continue on an unhappy road where there was nothing but negativity and low morale.

Anyway, I digress. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be successful in your job, or just in life. What is important though is that you do it for yourself and realise that happiness comes before anything else. At the end of the day, the only person who will thank you for it, is you.

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  1. December 6, 2015 / 1:23 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s good to be ambitious and high achiever. But exhausting yourself in this process is pretty terrible.

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