New Home Inspiration with BoConcept

When you move to a new home you immediately start to think of all the new things you can buy. Pinterest quickly becomes your favourite past time and before you know it, you’ve created a board for every room and every shelf…

We have lived in our little home for just under two years. It holds a special place in my heart as it is the first house we bought as a married couple, and it’s the house I brought my baby home to.

Fast forward six months, a jumperoo and high chair later and there’s barely any room to breathe. Rather than waiting much longer, we decided to move before Ellie gets settled here.

Right away, I started looking at the vast space we will have and how I can fill it and make it ‘ours’. Moving from a new build to a house that needs work might fill some people with dread. It makes me very excited. I’ve always fancied a little project.

I love BoConcept. Their furniture is so unique and the colours are great. If you’re like me then you’re not a fan of painting and wallpapering your walls in wacky colours.

I love to add colour and fun to my walls through popping wall art. This Urban Jungle glass art has a great colour scheme running through it with greens, pinks and greys. Right up my street!

urban jungle bo concept boconcept new home

Staying with accessories, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this Petrus rug? I love this shape. In our new home we are hoping to convert the existing kitchen diner into a second living space. This would certainly bring it to life. Again, the colours are great and so versatile.

I am a lover of accessorising. It is cheaper and it means things can be changed up when you get bored of it. However, I also appreciate a nice, big, comfy sofa. I’m really loving greens just now and for that reason, this Cenova sofa in forest green caught my eye. With a few patterned cushions, this would look amazing.

boconcept new home cenova

Of course, my room wouldn’t be complete without some stunning lighting. When chosen well, a chandelier can be the perfect finish to a great room. I think this Futuna chandelier is a modern twist on a classic. The wires can be set at differing lengths meaning you can create the look you want.

boconcept new home chandelier

To say I am excited to move house is an understatement. Just the thought of carefully picking every little accessory and paint colour gets me giddy. We have decided that this will most likely be our forever home so we are in no rush to get it all done right away, but I am looking forward to tinkering away and putting together a cosy family home.

Until next time…

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