What’s Your Style?

Each month I receive the amazing, style inspiring, Elle magazine to my door. The March edition made for perfect reading across several rainy days and I found the article entitled ‘the piece that changed everything’ a particularly interesting read. Featuring 5 inspiring women, the article looks at how adding one key piece to your wardrobe can change your whole look.

Elle UK bloggers style fashion lipstick and loathing

So, with that in mind, I decided to write a post about how we are influenced and how these influences can shape our style. Personally, I read lots of magazines and I’m an avid user of Polyvore. Other than that, my style is very much inspired by how I feel. Somedays I want to be comfortable and wear trainers and a sweatshirt. Other days, I want to feel feminine and dress up a bit. Then there’s the style that’s influenced by that on trend girl walking towards you in town. You know the day you choose to wear minimal makeup, your hair is scraped back and your feeling a little bit dowdy? That’s the day the most stylish girl in the city will walk towards you. You hang your head in fashion shame before scuttling home to relish in some online shopping.

Elle UK fashion style lipstick and loathing

Style is something that grows with us. At least that’s what I think. Yes, there are those who are just naturally gifted and suit pretty much every item of clothing they wear. Then there are the ones, like me, who really have to work at it and often find that it isn’t until later on in life that their personal style has really been established. I think a lot of that comes from confidence. Sometimes it’s a case of being in a rut. A comfortable rut, but one that perhaps went out of style in 2001.

Personally, I find confidence is my enemy when trying new things. How many of us know someone who has bought a fedora hat that hangs beautifully on the side of their bedroom mirror, but is never actually worn on their head? When asked why they never wear it, the answer is usually something like “I don’t have the guts” or “I know people will look at me…” With experimentation comes confidence. You don’t know if you’ll like prawns unless you try them, so how do you know you won’t look good in culottes or that floral co-ord you’ve been eyeing up for weeks?

Elle UK what is your style fashion lipstick and loathing

Style should be fun, inspirational and it should give you a sense of confidence. My style adapts often and I like to try new things on the clothes front , and with my hair. Whether you are a fan of crystal clear nail varnish or you go all out with shocking pink lipstick, it’s a personal choice and one that should be worn with pride! I’m still working on finding a style that works for me, but it’s an enjoyable experience. In the meantime, I’ll keep building my dream wardrobe through my Polyvore obsession.

What influences your style? How would you describe your personal style choices?

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  1. February 17, 2016 / 5:01 pm

    I’ve been drawn to weirder side of fashion since I was a kid. I’ve never really worried about trends or of folk will look at me; which is probably a good thing as they often do. I just experiment with anything I like. If I like it & I feel good in it, it’s a go.


    • Gillian
      February 17, 2016 / 7:41 pm

      I think that’s the rule we should all live by x

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