Getting My Style Back

Personal style; it defines us, makes us stand out from a crowd and makes us part of a team all at once. So when there’s a day you look in the mirror and realise homeless chic with a splash of baby sick isn’t the in thing, what do you do?

Well, I’ve had that going on pretty much everyday for the best part of five months. During my pregnancy, I realised that maternity clothes were all very plain. There are really no retailers that produce maternity versions of their main lines.

After pregnancy style is forfeited for comfort and practicality. Some days, my outfit consists of pyjamas until at least 2pm. Other days I can be up and out with the birds.

Baby dictates the day, but with five months having flown by like Usain Bolt at the 2012 Olympics, she is no longer dictating my style.

Since my wedding day in 2014, I have gained a fair bit of weight. Too much to actually write it here or say it out loud. I’m struggling with the new number printed on the size label of my jeans and I have real body hang ups.

In a bid to try and help solve this, I went shopping. Being on maternity leave, I’m not cash rich so I had to find my new style on a budget.

asos fashion style step hem

Determined to get myself a pair of step hem jeans, I went hunting, ASOS voucher in hand. In the end, I got these for £1. They are so comfy and the colour is great. Thanks to these jeans, I have managed to restyle a few tops in my wardrobe that had been thrown in the ‘for sale’ pile.

A new pair of jeans can really revive your wardrobe and throw fresh light on items previously written off. The same can be said for a new jacket. I have a trusty Topshop Mac that I wear most of the time, but with the weather slowly improving, I thought it was time to get myself something lighter.

new look fashion style

I spotted this khaki number from New Look by chance hiding behind some other clothes. Impressed by the price and loving the fit, it had to be mine.

Again it has helped my restyle some of the lost items in my wardrobe and I think it’ll see me through into Summer well. Khaki is featuring highly for Spring Summer 2017 and this makes me happy. Love a bit of khaki!


new look fashion style

Staying with New Look, I picked up this pretty floral shirt. Florals for Spring…groundbreaking! Loose shirts have been my friend post pregnancy and this one is no exception. Worn with my ASOS jeans, it is stylish and on trend.

It also has a slight khaki tone to it. Are you seeing a theme yet?



Asda Style FashionOf course no shop is complete without a new pair of shoes. If you have been following my blog for a while, you may remember the Keds by Oasis trainers I had that were almost identical to these. I loved them and have never found a replacement until now.

These George at Asda numbers are an absolute steal at only £8 and are mega comfortable. They are perfect for slipping on when I need to run out the house or if I need to add an edge to a plain outfit.

It has taken me these 5 months to really feel like myself again and to get a sense of style back. My wardrobe is building back up again and I am planning a major clear out very soon so make sure you follow me over on Depop if you want to grab yourself a bargain.

What are you adding to your wardrobe for Spring? As always comments are welcome.

Until next time…


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