Hacked Off

As the titles suggests, I’m hacked off! Why? Yesterday I discovered my blog had been hacked.

Sitting in a Doctor’s surgery awaiting my baby girl’s second immunisation appointment, I was already in a slightly agitated state. I could say lots of things about this and my opinion of those who choose to ‘hack’ into sites such as mine, but I won’t.

hacked hacker hackers lipstick and loathing

Thanks to fellow blogger, Charlie BeeĀ I got right on it and I am, hopefully, fixed and good to get back on track.

Sadly I have lost a couple of my recentĀ posts, but I will try and figure out a way of getting them back!

Lesson learned. Don’t neglect your blog!

I am hoping to get some time over the coming days to write some much needed content. Yesterday I learned how to juggle a laptop and a baby at the same time. It really is true what they say; when you become a Mum, you become very good at doing everything one handed!

Until next time…

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