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I’m finally back after over a week of no internet access! It was on the brink of being a total disaster but I made it through… It never ceases to amaze me how much we count on things like phones, internet and social media. Anyway, I digress… I thought I would write a bit more about me and why I blog. This is something I have thought about writing for a while and is a good in between post whilst I wait on my new beauty bay purchase to arrive… 😉

I started doing this blog in November last year so I am, in essence, still very new to this. I started blogging because I wanted something to focus on, something that I would enjoy doing and something that is for me. The last part maybe sounds a bit silly as I write posts that the whole world has access to!


I have always loved makeup, cosmetics and fashion and have been known to spend a ridiculous amount of money each month on magazines alone. I am quite a girly girl and my current job could not be any less feminine. I’m not supposed to wear make up, I can’t paint my nails and I tie my hair up everyday. So, on my days off I paint my face like I’m going to war, I curl my hair and wear dresses…because I can! I love spending time just wandering around Lush and Space:NK with a copy of Elle magazine in my oversized handbag. That is me.

I don’t make money from writing. Sometimes I am very fortunate to be offered treatments or products for free or at reduced prices, but when that does happen I think myself very lucky! Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging! I happily come home from work and sit for hours researching and taking notes for my next post. It doesn’t feel like work, it is so much fun! Some people go running, some people bake cakes…I blog! That is my hobby. Personally I’m shit at running and if I baked cakes I’d be the size of a house! I just need to look at a Kit Kat and I put on a pound!


When I first started blogging, I kept it a secret. I only told close friends and waited until I got a positive response before sharing it. I suppose I done that as I was worried about what people would think. Why would you want to do that? What’s the point? So many questions I thought they would ask me. In actual fact, most of my friends and family love it and that makes me feel quite proud of Lipstick and Loathing. I see my blog as a platform where I can voice my opinion. It is my creative outlet and it has helped me find a skill I didn’t know I had, as well as a confidence in my ability to write in a way that keeps people entertained and interested. Well that’s what I hope!
I love reading other blogs. It has meant that I don’t spend so much on magazines any more… I also love vlogging. I’m slightly obsessed with Pixiwoo. It’s something that I would like to try but that is down the line I think. In the meantime I’ll keep on writing, what I hope are, interesting posts. As I mentioned at the start, I am waiting on new products to arrive and I am excited to try them and review them on here.
March will also see the introduction of a fantastic new site called The Swag Guide, which is an online resource for beauty, fashion and lifestyle in Scotland. I will be writing for The Swag Guide and I’m super excited for the launch. So make sure you head over to Facebook and like the page to be kept up to date with what’s happening.
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