My 2015 Regime

The new year undoubtedly brings changes. For this reason, I decided that instead of making resolutions (as per my previous post) & then look back and feel annoyed at myself this time next year, I will instead make some introductions. Here they are.


At the end of last year I was introduced by a friend to Co Lab dry shampoo. Co Lab was designed by model and blogger, Ruth Crilly. It claims to be less chalky and not leave behind that horrible white powder that makes you look like you’ve not washed your hair since dressing up at Halloween! Instead it claims to take away grease in between washes and also give the roots a boost for some volume. What’s also fun about this dry shampoo is that there are 5 different scents, all of which are named after cities. I went for Tokyo, which has a slightly flowery, oriental smell. It isn’t overbearing like some dry shampoos. I often find batiste is quite a strong, musty smell and really chalky so I was really keen to give this a go!

Why? I have, over the years, gotten into the very bad habit of washing my hair everyday. So I have decided that in order to help me improve the condition of my hair, I’ll instead use a dry shampoo every other day. My experience of this dry shampoo so far has been great. It still comes out slightly white when sprayed on the hair but it rubs in much better and doesn’t leave that horrible residue that makes you scared to scratch your head incase it end up looking like there’s been a snow storm across your shoulders. I like this and will continue to buy it & am looking forward to trying some of the other scents.

Co Lab is available from Superdrug.


Next up are products that help not only my health and wellbeing, but also improve the look of my skin, nails and hair. Each morning I plan to take 60ml of aloe vera gel to help keep my digestive system ticking over and to improve my skin and overall wellbeing. The aloe vera gel is so rich in nutrients and is the purest form you will find. Then there’s bee pollen and arctic sea, these will improve my energy levels and keep me mobile by protecting my joints making exercise easier and more effective.

Why?  I took aloe vera during my clean 9 and seeing the benefits I got from it then, I want to make it part of my daily routine. I cannot stress enough how amazing this stuff is! More energy, feeling of better health & plumped up, fresh looking skin! I love it!

Aloe Vera, Bee Pollen & Arctic Sea are available from Natural Source.


I have really weak nails, which split and break so easily. I have bags full of different nail varnishes from all price ranges which have varying degrees of success. So imagine my delight on Christmas day when I opened a parcel to reveal this little beauty! My Mum is a gem! Nail varnish remover, cuticle cream and oil, hand cream and nail envy. It is perfect hands and nails in a box! I would highly recommend these products to anyone who is looking to improve the health of their nails and smooth the skin on their hands. This time of the year is always harsh on our hands so this treasure is the perfect remedy!

This set is available from QVC.

Small changes to better health, skin and general wellbeing. I also have some fantastic new make up to share with you soon too & I’m very excited for it!

See you soon!


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