Is it Spring Yet?

Spring, please hurry up! I’m really getting fed up of watching the rain batter off the windows, the wind sounding like it’s going to take me on a quick trip to see the Wizard of Oz, and I’ve given up trying to remember which letter we’re at on the new alphabetical storm scale!

On the plus side, the March edition of Elle magazine landed on my doorstep last week and I felt it was time to have a look at what the spring summer season of 2016 is going to offer on the fashion front. Whilst I can’t see me breaking out of my winter coat anytime soon, a bit of escapism doesn’t do any harm! So I decided to write a post on some of my favourite trends we can all look forward to in a few months.


The tracksuit is making a come back. No, it’s not an excuse to pull out your 90s shell suit and start wearing your hair in awful velvet scrunchies. The tracksuit is coming back as an adult. Think dressing down evening wear with an Adidas zipper, or pairing your favourite slinky top with tracksuit bottoms and heels. Topshop, Coach, Diesel and American Apparel are all jumping aboard and offering their own take on the new season’s comeback trend. Wear it as you will and enjoy the comfort!

ss16 karlie kloss topshop spring summer



This is something that makes me very happy indeed. I have never been a fan of skinny jeans. I’m not blessed with the most slender thighs and often find that I have to buy a large size to get them over my hips, resulting in loose material at the waist. So, it’s bittersweet but cheerio skinny jeans and hello rigid denim. No more horrible 90% elastane, denim imposters. Think back to the days of the Levi’s advert and getting into a bath wearing a brand new pair of jeans. Those happy times are coming back. High waisted Mom jeans with tucked in silk tops and heels look great and I will never understand why skinny jeans took over. Yay to proper jeans.

Giorgia Tordini NYFW streetstyle ss16 spring summer 2016



New season accessories are going to be bold, full of zig zags, zips and loud logos. Oh and white. Lots of white shoes and bags will be hitting the shops. The whiter, the better. It’s not just about bold handbags though; even shoes will be colourful, spikey and there’s a hint of western cowboy thrown in for good measure. This is music to my ears. Why? Well, I’m a plain dresser who loves to change a look using accessories. With the new season options, it can be as fun and bold as I want it to be. Now I just need to keep saving for that Anya Hindmarch bag and it’ll be all good!

ANYA HINDMARCH SS16 Spring Summer 2016



On the beauty front, the colour blue will continue to feature. Wear on your eyes for a popping look or on your nails for understated cool. Incase you hadn’t already picked up on the SS16 theme, the 90s are back and for hair that means grungy side partings and cropped choppy styles. Remember that chocolate coloured Rimmel lipstick we all had in the 90s? Well, say hello to your old friend. Not quite as bold and worn as more of a gloss, brown is back for lips. Doc Martens and the Nirvana and Pearl Jam mixtape are optional.

There’s no real set trend for makeup in SS16, it really is all about finding what works for you and showcasing it. The only rule is that if you are going to wear any sort of coloured makeup, prepare to wear it bold. Go hard or go home when it comes to eyeshadow.

MISSONI SS16 spring summer catwalk


So that is merely a sniff at what’s to come in SS16, there’s so much more, too much for one blog post. I think it’s going to be a fun, colourful season. Fingers crossed we get the weather to enjoy it.

What are your favourite SS16 trends? Will you be adding any daring pieces to your wardrobe?

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