I Dare You Not to Swoon

This is a post that has been sitting in my drafts for too long, and one that I have been excited to write. Why? Well, that’s a simple answer. I love getting my nails done, I see it as a luxury and a treat all rolled into one. This is something that has become more so since I started visiting the amazing Lia at Swoon Nails in Glasgow.

The first time I met her I had no idea what to expect or what I wanted to do with my nails. All I knew was that there really were no limits to her ability and there is no such thing as a crazy, too ‘out there’ idea! For that very reason I went all out, Barbie style. A genius with Calgel, Lia combined gorgeous colours, studs and Barbie decals to create some proper pimped up paws!

Swoon Glasgow Calgel Barbie Nails

It’s amazing how much a good set of nails can perk up your mood. I couldn’t wait to go into a shop and hand over some cash just to see how they looked and how someone else admired them! I got so many compliments and comments on these nails that when Lia text me to say she was opening her diary, I jumped at the chance to go back and see her.

Not only is visiting the Swoon Room a fun treat, Lia is a great, down to earth lady who likes a laugh and stands by the rule ‘whatever is said in the swoon room, stays in the swoon room’ She knew I was pregnant before it hit facebook, and was one of the first people to see my baby scan pictures. Expert nail artist, Izabelle Hammon ambassador, Look awards finalist and one of the most genuine and fun people I’ve met in a long time, Lia is a credit to her industry!

My second visit to Swoon was preceded with nights spent scouring Instagram and Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration. I was determined to have a solid idea of what I wanted. In the end, it was Swoon’s own Instagram page that provided me with the most inspiration. A modern, fun take on the old faithful French manicure, I wanted chic and classy with an injection of glitter. I got it!

Swoon Room Glasgow Calgel

When I went to get these beauts done, I was fairly early on in my pregnancy and decided to share my news with Lia after a morning of struggling to find suitable clothes to wear that didn’t make me feel and look like a beached whale. Not much has changed, trust me! Needless to say she was over the moon with me and we chatted about the ups and downs of pregnant life.

As always I was over the moon with my beautiful nails and made an appointment to go back on the afternoon of my first scan. Again, hours of searching #calgelnails on Instagram took place. I wanted to shy away from anything baby related and anything pink. During my searches I found some gorgeous grey nails with some yellow thrown in. Having seen how amazing Lia is at creating a marble effect, I thought it would be quite cool to go for a grey and yellow marble on my ring fingers. You know when you imagine something in your head? Yeah, she nailed it!

Swoon Room Glasgow Calgel

Not only do they look great, but they last for ages! I was determined to keep these on as long as possible. Mission accomplished!

My next visit to the Swoon Room will be the afternoon of my next scan. The one where I find out whether Baby G will be in the pink or blue team. Will I reveal all via my nails? Watch this space!

With Lia being so busy, she has recently taken on a new Swoonie, Lauren. She’ll be at Swoon Nails every Friday and Saturday and, for a limited time, is offering plain colour overlays for just £20. If you want to give it a go, text 07825812391 to book! I dare you not to Swoon.

Until next time…


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