Epibrow International Academy Launch, Glasgow

Blog outings have been few and far between in the last few months. So when the lovely ladies at Flat White Communications invited me along to the launch of the Epibrow International Academy in Glasgow, I said yes.

What is Epibrow I hear you cry?

Epibrow International Academy is one of the top UK brow and beauty training companies. It also describes a freehand technique used to create natural, semi-permanent brows. Epibrow is a freehand technique which gives a natural look and last between 12-18 months.

As well as training therapists to create stunning, semi-permanent brows, Epibrow International Academy is adding a few strings to its bow.

Founder Louise Bannigan is taking Epibrow into the non-surgical facial treatment market with the launch of Sculpt. A savvy, no nonsense business woman with a clear view of where she wants to take her business, it is a really exciting time for Epibrow.

louise bannigan epibrow epibrowglasgow Epibrow International

Intrigued? You should be.

On the launch night of Epibrow’s new Scottish base at Orasculpt on Glasgow’s West Regent Street, I got to sample one of their newest treatments, Sculpt MET (Manual Exfoliation Technique)

This dermaplaning treatment exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin as well as fine, vellus hairs. Yes, I had the same thought you’re most likely having right now; will removing these fine hairs leave me with a beard in a few weeks? The answer is, NO! Trust me, removing these peachy fuzz hairs from your face, as well as dead skin, leaves your complexion unbelievably soft. My make up went on so well the following day.

Here’s a before and after shot:

Epibrow SculptMET Epibrow Glasgow Orasculpt Epibrow International Epibrow SculptMET Epibrow Glasgow Orasculpt Epibrow International

It’s a very relaxing treatment and transforms the skin. I definitely need to go back and have the full treatment done.

As well as training therapists in Sculpt MET, Epibrow is also offering Sculpt PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) aka the vampire facial made famous by Kim Kardashian-West.

This treatment involves having blood taken before the plasma and platelets are extracted and re-injected into the face. Results can take up to 8 weeks to be seen, but I wouldn’t be adverse to giving this a try.

Interested in finding out more about training with Epibrow? You’ll find training dates here and contact details here.

A great evening with laughs, learning and inspiration. Thanks to Epibrow and Flat White Comms.

Until next time…



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